Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS) is a world leading sound design and audio post
production facility, creating award winning sound for TV, cinema, online, interactive audio and
radio productions. For the past two decades, GCRS has trail blazed creativity in sound design,
bringing an unparalleled passion for audio to some of the most powerful and memorable
campaigns ever created.

Since its inception in 1994, GCRS has been working with nigh on every major brand in the world,
to passionately transform the industry both in the UK and internationally.

Being at the forefront of the British sound industry and spearheading audio excellence,
GCRS was the first sound facility in the UK to convert fully from analogue to digital and worked
with Dolby to create the first commercial in Dolby® AtmosTM.


In the summer of 2015, GCRS unveiled THE LOFTS, an aspirational new studio space on the
seventh floor of the facility, which transforms the audio experience for agencies and brands, wherever
they happen to be within the space. Of particular note is the first ever installation of a revolutionary
speaker technology, which eliminates the dreaded monitoring ‘Sweet Spot’ which previously meant
you had to sit next to the engineer if you wanted to hear the mix the way it was meant to be. 

This new monitoring technology means that ‘all areas are sweet’ allowing you to hear a perfect mix
wherever you sit, changing the creative dynamic of a post -production session for the better by fostering
a collaborative, inclusive creative environment.


As part of our commitment to immersive sound and building on our experimental works in binaural,
we have built Audio Lab 2 - Dolby® AtmosTM. Aura and higher order ambisonics 60 speaker installation.

In late 2017 the studio was opened with a dedicated department of immersive audio experts
(GCVRS) who create and deliver audio excellence in 3D sound, VR and immersive audio for
installations, experiences and films.


In 2018 many film trailers have been mixed in Dolby® AtmosTM.


GCRS' world - leading sound designers have been responsible for delivering audio excellence for
some of the world’s most acclaimed ads, which work has been nominated for, or won, every major creativity
award in the world including Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, Creative Circle Awards, CLIOs and British
Television Advertising Awards.