Oscar/BAFTA winning sound designer 
Ben Wilkins joins GCRS. 

GCRS welcomes its first guest sound designer, 
with world renowned talent Ben Wilkins. GCRS is 
representing LA based Ben, for UK and Europe.
Ben brings with him a stellar track record in 
sound design and mixing,for which he has been 
recognised with a host of accolades including both 
an Oscar and a BAFTA for his work on the critically 
acclaimed Whiplash. Ben spent his formative years 
working in London – where GCRS founder Carole 
Humphrey gave him his first break into the industry 
at The Tape Gallery.



Munzie Thind joined GCRS, just a year
after launch, in 1995. Since then, he has
been responsible for critically acclaimed
work such as BBC Music’s ‘God Only Knows’
music video and Lucozade’s ‘The Wild Ones’
spot. Career highlights include giving Elvis
a voice in ‘The Amazing Line Up’ spot for
BBC Radio 2 – winner of six major creative
awards. More recently, Munzie undertook
extensive research into the sensory sensitivity
challenges faced by people with autism, to
create the authentic and powerful soundscape
for the National Autistic Society ‘Sensory
Overload’ film, for which he has won a Bronze
for Sound Design at the 2014 Clio Awards.


GCRS founding partner Raja is undoubtedly
one of the UK’s best ever sound designers, 
and the man who creativity authority Shots
described as: “Audio auteur. Continuously in
demand, designing the future.”He’s been
responsible for delivering audio excellence
to some of the world’s most acclaimed ads,
including Nike: Write the Future and Jaguar:
Rendezvous, as well as sprinkling his magic on
campaigns for leading brands such as Heineken, 
FIFA, Axe and During his career, 
Raja’s work has been nominated for, or won,
every major creativity award in the world and
he has had the honour of being awarded gold
at every UK festival.


Steve is fast gaining a reputation for
creative and atmospheric sound design,
working on campaigns for brands as
diverse as Adidas, Sony, Ford, Dominos, 
Plusnet and Cobra. Steve’s trademark
skill is perfectly illustrated by his work
on ‘Presence Redefined’, a campaign 
for the Audi A7 Sportback and CRY
(Cardiac Risk in the Young), two pieces
of work, of which he is particularly proud.


Culum joined GCRS in 2016, bringing a 
stellar track record with him after an 
unusually rapid rise to success gaining 
three major sound awards in his first year 
as a sound designer alone. Over the last 
three years’ Culum has worked on 
campaigns for the likes of Dove, Gemfields, 
Google, Pepsi, PETA and the Royal Navy. 
He has received notable critical acclaim 
along the way, winning gold for sound design 
at the Creative Circle Awards in 2015, and in 
2016 his work on the National Autistic Society's 
Too Much Information campaign was awarded 
silver and bronze for sound design at the shots 
awards and Eurobest respectively. Before moving 
into sound design, Culum worked as an actor, 
played in a band and ran his own rehearsal 
studios – a range of experiences which he feels 
has contributed to his skill and creativity in 
sound design.


Sound designer George Castle, graduated 
with a 2.1 BSc in Live and Studio Sound in 2012. 
Having graduated, he started his audio adventures 
tape-oping in two music studios before joining 
Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS) as a 
runner in 2013. Since that time, he has worked 
his way up the ranks to sound designer. He has 
assisted Raj and Munzie on spots for Heineken,, World Child Cancer, HSE - Quit 
Smoking and working solus on projects for Lipsyl, 
Jaguar, Under Armour and Shots. George also
lends his expertise to GCVRS, working in the Audio 
Labs providing 3D audio for immersive storytelling. 
His latest work includes Dua Lipa’s recent 360º music 
promo. George played in a band which recorded all 
their own music. He likes to record musicians and 
still enjoys mixing music.


One of the brightest young sound talents in 
the UK today, Tom’s big break came when he created 
the sound design for the NSPCC’s Childline campaign, 
“It Follows Me Around” - a powerful piece of work that 
picked up many awards, including two gold British 
Arrows and a Cannes Lion, and propelled Tom onto 
the international stage. Since then, as well as creating 
sound design for brands such as Nicotinell and Alpari, 
he has worked along side Raja Sehgal on helping 
create the epic soundtracks for brands such as, Jaguar and FIFA14.


Aaron Taffel joined the transfer bay team at
Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS) in 2013. 
Since that time he has worked his way up the
ranks to sound designer, assisting and working
with agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, BBH,
Saatchi and Saatchi and Grey. One of his first jobs
at GCRS was to create the sound design for
award-winning short film ‘The Voice in the Head’. 
Another memorable project was the charity
film he worked on for the Nepal Youth Foundation
to raise funds following the 2015 earthquake.
Aaron spent two years living in India, in the
Himalayas, so the project was one he connected
with on a personal level.